Julie Parker
My interest in gardening & wildlife stemmed from childhood days spent working in the garden with my parents & reading books on anything from robins to giraffes. As time has moved on these influences have stayed with me inspiring the creation my own garden & leading to interests in fish keeping & the natural world around me. I still love to read & hope that the knowledge I gain will make topical reading through these articles.

A Warming Gift

It is nice to be able to promote a giftware range that is not only contemporary, fun and high quality but comes from a design-led British company. Aroma Home is based in Wiltshire and makes the majority of its soothing products in the UK. Most of their products are made with 100% cotton and cotton calico and depending on the product, they use either pure essential oils or lavender leaf, both of which are mixed with locally grown Cotswold wheat grain. Pure essential oils will fade with time and heating but the wheat filled cotton inner can be refreshed by simply adding a few drops of any pure essential oil. Lavender leaf lasts longer and it just needs to be scrunched up to reinvigorate the leaf.

Aroma Home take safety seriously too, with both their heatable products and their ranges designed for children all complying with British Safety standards. The microwaveable products are independently tested to five times the recommended heating time specified on the care labels in order to achieve this certification.

Calm & Soothing

The body comfort range has been developed to help soothe stiff necks, warm cold hands and feet, relieve aching joints and aid restful sleep. All these products are made with 100% Cotswold wheat which has been infused with pure essential oils or mixed with pure lavender leaf. When heated, the combination of warmth and fragrance will gently help soothe both body and mind. Each product is specifically designed to give warmth to a different area of the body, such as the neck warmers which are designed to gently mould to the contours of your neck and shoulders to help relieve sore neck muscles and stiffness and create a relaxing and calming experience. It is a collection of gifts designed to help people relieve tension, soothe stress, aid relaxation and bring comfort to aching bodies.

Warm & Huggable

Aroma Home also produces a range of adorable animal hotties.  All have easily removeable tummy inserts filled with Cotswold wheat grain and pure essential oil or lavender leaf. Because the removeable tummy is the only part to be filled with wheat the animals remain light for children to hold and cuddle. They are made using high quality super soft fabrics and the oils and lavender are designed to soothe and calm.

Many of the products from Aroma Home have a sense of fun in their design including those which are non-microwaveable like the Fuzzy Friends slippers and animal Screen Wipes, both of which are practical yet make ideal gifts. Aroma Home combines the features of attractive giftware with practical scented and microwaveable ranges to bring well-being and mood enhancing senses into daily life.