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Oxford Duraspell Garden Furniture Covers 

Keep your garden furniture in top condition for longer

Does good quality garden furniture still have to be covered? 

Having invested in the best garden furniture, you will want to ensure they last for many years and keep looking good. Although top-quality garden furniture has been manufactured from materials that resist the elements, the molecular integrity of the material will be constantly attacked by the sun’s ultraviolet rays, cold, heat, snow, water, wind, dirt and abrasions and eventually they will look worn and old. Oxford Duraspell garden furniture covers are the best way to protect the pristine appearance of your garden furniture and to prevent physical damage. 

Consider the following qualities before you buy furniture covers to ensure value for money and proper protection against the elements. 

garden furniture covers

Which material is best for furniture covers? 

Made from a unique top-quality woven micro-fibre fabric, Oxford Duraspell garden furniture covers are made from a unique top-quality woven micro-fibre fabric that meets all the advantages and protection expected from a leading brand! 

Are furniture covers worth it? 

Oxford Duraspell garden furniture covers are made from a unique woven micro-fibre polyester that is far superior to any nylon, plastic or cotton covers available on the market. The quality and durability of Oxford Duraspell covers are backed by a market-leading 5-year guarantee, letting you know they will last a very long time to protect your valuable furniture and to prolong their life for many years. This means that you will prolong the life of your expensive furniture way beyond the five-year period that the covers are guaranteed for! 

 How much protection do they offer against the sun’s ultraviolet rays? 

No life can exist without the sun, but an invisible form of radiation, called the UV rays, are highly destructive and eventually destroys all materials. The ultraviolet rays attack the molecular structure of your furniture, eventually making it brittle and breakable, irrespective of whether your furniture is made of the best quality aluminium, steel, rattan, wood or synthetic materials. The chemical bonds in the materials are also altered by the UV rays and the colours are bleached, leading to fading and unsightly discolouration. 

Oxford Duraspell covers are made from an exceptional material that has an amazing 50+ UV rating to protect both the covers themselves and the garden furniture from ultraviolet rays. The 50+ UV rating means that the fabric blocks out more than 98% of both the UVB and UVA ultraviolet rays from reaching your furniture, preventing damage and the “tired” look that even the best furniture have after a few years. 

garden furniture covers

How much protection do they offer against rain and moisture? 

Whatever material your furniture is manufactured from, they are still vulnerable to damage through extended exposure to rain or other forms of moisture. The best materials like rattan and treated wood are fairly resistant to water, but even so, they eventually will succumb. Even though aluminium does not rust, it is still susceptible to oxidation and eventually, the furniture will look dull and tired, and sometimes the strength of the aluminium is compromised. The most vulnerable parts of garden furniture are joints and crevices, where water accumulates and slowly carry on their destruction and causing the growth of bacteria, mildew and mould. Because Oxford Duraspell covers are 100% waterproof, all contact with rain is prevented and your garden furniture is kept clean and looking new. A shedder frame will prevent water from pooling in the middle and keep the furniture completely dry and will not leave little mud pools that have to be cleaned again. 

How much protection do they offer against cold and snow? 

Garden furniture, whether wood, rattan, aluminium, steel, cast-iron or synthetic materials, are vulnerable to extreme cold and snow. The cold attacks the structural integrity of the materials and lets wood and rattan crack and aluminium becomes brittle. When water freezes, it expands and causes damage to joints and hinges, or spilt the wood and rattan if water freezes in any of the cracks or joints. The tight weave of 100% waterproof Oxford Duraspell fabric keeps the snow and moisture off the furniture, and because there is no direct contact between the cold air and the furniture, the structural integrity remains intact and joints and hinges are protected. It is particularly important to safeguard all your garden furniture covers for the entire winter season and also on cold nights during the rest of the year, by keeping them covered with Oxford Duraspell garden covers

garden furniture covers

Are they easy to fit and remove?

 You want to protect your garden furniture from the elements and keep them clean, but you do not want to spend hours fitting and removing covers or storing them out of sight. Oxford Duraspell covers are made from an extremely strong and durable fabric. Because the material is soft and super-light, and are fitted with our unique one-touch zip-locks system, one person can quickly and easily fit and remove the Oxford Duraspell covers. They have their own handy carry bag for neat and easy storage when they are taken off. 

How securely are they fitted? 

Specially designed rip-stop security tabs, ensure Oxford Duraspell covers are quickly and easily secured and will not be blown off even by a strong wind. 

furniture cover

Are they made to fit all types and sizes of garden furniture? 

One-size-fits-all covers may seem a good idea, but generally they look sloppy and your furniture has the appearance of being stored, rather than attractively covered and ready for your next use. Oxford Duraspell manufactures covers that perfectly fit all the prominent brands of garden furniture and parasols, and then you have the choice of bespoke covers made according to your specifications. Individual Oxford Duraspell covers are designed for garden benches, tables, chairs, sofas, corner sets, daybeds and cocoons. In certain circumstances, it is best to cover the entire set with a single cover, made-to-measure to fit various brands of corner sets, dining sets, lounge sets and much more.  

Will the covers damage the surface of garden furniture? 

The soft, pliable micro-fibre polyester used to manufacture Oxford Duraspell covers will not scuff the furniture when the covers are fitted and removed, or when they are blown about by a strong wind. 

How do you clean Oxford Duraspell furniture covers? 

Oxford Duraspell covers are fully washable by hand or in a washing machine and dry quickly. The soft material easily fits into even smaller washing machines. In normal circumstances, you can shake out any dust or simply wipe the covers with a damp cloth.

 Will they show off my garden furniture to best advantage when covered? 

Oxford Duraspell garden furniture covers are made from an attractive woven fabric in smart colours, so your furniture is shown off to their best advantage even when they are covered. 

Do they have cushion bags that match the covers? 

To store garden furniture cushions, Oxford Duraspell manufacture premier cushion bags from the same micro-fibre weave fabric to match the covers. The cushion bags are strong, attractive, lightweight, durable, waterproof and also have a 50+ UV rating.  

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