Owl from Wise Owl World
Lyndan Orvis
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Owl Experience

In a poor economic climate animals are often the first to suffer as the cost of keeping them becomes inhibitive & donations to charities decrease. At Hayes Garden World we have supported Wise Owl World who have visited the garden centre in the past with their owls.

They have a number of different owls including Amber - a European Eagle Owl who was poorly treated in a previous ownership, Star - an English Little Owl who is Wise Owl World's first hand reared owl & Rocky - an English Barn Owl who was rescued locally suffering from malnutrition & lacks the hunting instinct so will stay on as a display bird.

They combine education with conservation & encourage everyone to enjoy & appreciate Owls. Everyone is able to get up close and personal with these captive owls, find out about their personalities and their day to day lives.

Wise Owl World objectives are:

  • Returning rescued or injured owls back into the wild
  • Creative conservation of the wild and captive Owl populations
  • Practical research
  • Imaginative education
  • Carrying out education and research to improve our understanding of these special birds
  • Encouraging everyone to enjoy and appreciate Owls and the web of life on which they depend
  • Helping children to understand owls and their role in the natural world
  • Harnessing the enthusiasm of volunteers to help safeguard the future of Owls.