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Lonely Plants Club Part 2

Tips to help your plants feel less lonely

Now that we’re out of the house more, our plants might start to feel a little lonely. No-one wants a neglected plant or, worse still, one that starts to wither. Which is why we spoke to horticulture expert, Angela Slater, to find out what we can do to stop our plants feeling lonely and help to keep them thriving.

Buy your plant a friend to keep it company

When we were working from home, our plants had constant company. With days in the office happening more often, plants may sense we aren’t there. To stop them feeling lost and alone, why not invest in a new plant for some much needed company? It’s best to buy the same kind of plant, as Angela explains, “Plants can sense when they’re around another plant, and it’s been proven that it’s better for their wellbeing if they’re around a “sibling” plant, as they don’t use up energy trying to compete with a non-familiar plant.”

If you’re wondering how having a buddy could help your plant, Angela sheds further light on things, “Think how well plants grow in the forest when they’re surrounded by other plants; a group of plants placed together will create their own beneficial micro-climate. Create your own woodland environment by placing tall, medium height and low growing plants together. Not only is it beneficial for the plants but can also add interest to a dull corner, providing a focal point. If you choose specific plants, such as Peace Lilies, which take out impurities in the air, they will provide you with a much healthier environment, essential if you suffer from respiratory problems.”

Keep the radio on

If you don’t have enough room for extra plants, don’t worry, there are still ways to keep your plants company. It’s been noted many times that voices help plants grow, so why not leave the radio on for them while you’re out?. A good talk show might do the trick or perhaps your plants would enjoy some classic pop. Angela tells us why the radio can help make your plants happy, “We all know that talking to houseplants helps them thrive, as well as benefiting our own mental health. Consider leaving the radio on when you’re out to mimic the sound of your voice.

Even if you’d rather not have the radio on all day, Angela suggests talking to your plants as soon as you get home; ‘make sure to compensate for those lost conversations by speaking to your plants more in the evening when you’re home.”  

Take your plant to work day

“We can reduce our plants' sense of isolation by taking them to work” says Angela.

We all know how calming plants can be, and how much they add to our environment. As well as fighting loneliness for our plants, having them around us at work could lead to increased productivity and overall feelings of contentment. Not to mention all that extra oxygen being circulated.

Angela tells us why Hayes may be starting the initiative soon, “Hayes Garden World is considering a ‘take your plant to work day’ to combat loneliness in houseplants once we return to the workplace and to give your houseplants some valuable work experience”.

There’s no reason to neglect your plants now you’re out of the house more. Follow Angela’s tips to keep them surviving and thriving.