Watering Made Simple
Julie Parker
My interest in gardening & wildlife stemmed from childhood days spent working in the garden with my parents & reading books on anything from robins to giraffes. As time has moved on these influences have stayed with me inspiring the creation my own garden & leading to interests in fish keeping & the natural world around me. I still love to read & hope that the knowledge I gain will make topical reading through these articles.

How To Water Your Garden Efficiently

Worried about how your plants will fare when you are away?

Take the work out of watering with an automatic watering system that will care for your plants properly throughout the season.... even if you're away on holiday!

When the time comes for a break, the last thing you need is to worry about plant care - if you're looking for a simple system to water all of your container plants while you go away... or a sophisticated system that will take care of the entire garden, you'll find that ‘automatic watering' can help you manage your garden more easily.... allowing more time to spend doing the things you really want to do!

Life is all about priorities and getting them right.... and for healthy plants, water is a MUST. ‘Automatic watering systems' take water directly from the tap, to your plants, through a network of narrow pipes and outlets, hidden in the garden. Controlled either manually or by a timer, they deliver water precisely and economically, straight to where it's needed.

Offering effortless watering, most systems can be installed in under 5mins (the Aquapod) to a few hours (tailor-made), and may be extended as your garden grows. Designed to be easy to understand, buy and install; each system takes precious water from your tap (start) - through the super-flexible pipeline - to the ‘drippers' and ‘micro jets', for delivery directly to your container plants and borders.

Connecting the system to the tap, the battery powered ‘water computer' turns the water ON and OFF automatically, sending the flow to a ‘pressure reducer', controlling pressure - and getting the best performance from your supply. Next down the pipeline, ‘13mm supply tubes' take water all around the garden, delivering it through ‘4mm micro tubes' to ‘drippers' and ‘micro jets', hidden in beds, baskets and borders.

For total flexibility, use a ‘4-way tap connector' to provide multiple-outlets from your outside tap and screw the ‘pressure regulator' to one of these four outlets - leaving the other three free for other watering and washing chores. Programming the ‘water computer' is simple - with even a manual over-ride switch if you need to use the hose for other watering tasks.

Using 90% less water compared to overhead hand watering, ‘automatic watering' and ‘micro irrigation kits' and are the quickest, easiest and most flexible way to water your garden or greenhouse - guaranteeing better crops and saving your plants from holiday drought.

Water Wisely

  • Water directly to the base of each plant, where it's actually needed.
  • Use a ‘trigger gun' with flow controls, which can save up to 80% more water than an open hosepipe.
  • Fit a ‘waterstop connector' to the end of your hose, to stop the water flow automatically, as soon as the spray gun or other watering device is disconnected.
  • Install a ‘water butt pump' for sufficient pressure to operate any irrigation system and keep the water slime and odour-free with purification ‘treatments' - for convenient water conservation.
  • Reduce the need to water, with ‘water storing gels' - adding them to your potting compost and hanging baskets, before planting-up.
  • Spread mulch; bark chips, pebbles or slate to reduce evaporation, before the moisture's even had a chance to reach plant roots.
  • Add a ‘water computer' to your outside tap, to water your plants regularly and at a time that suits.... even if you're away on holiday.
  • Install a ‘rain sensor' to detect rainfall automatically, overriding your watering program and saving even more water.