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How To Have Your Weber BBQ Serviced And Cleaned

Let the Hayes Weber servicing team keep your BBQ looking pristine

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Why not take out the hassle of cleaning and servicing your Weber BBQ? Here at Hayes Garden World, as a part of our new Weber Store within The Barbecue Shop, we can offer you Weber customers the chance to have your barbecue ready for the start of the season (although every season is BBQ season!) without you lifting a finger. All our maintenance staff have completed the Weber training to the highest standards. We offer a cleaning and servicing package on the charcoal 47cm and 57cm models, the Q series, Spirit 2 and 3 burner, the Genesis and the Summit.

You can take the components separately but the full package of cleaning and servicing is cheaper in the long run; then you know that your BBQ will be in tip-top condition. If you live within 50 miles of the store we will collect the BBQ from your home and deliver it back serviced and cleaned. Outside this radius there will be a small delivery charge; contact our staff in The Barbecue Shop and they can tell you what this cost will be, depending on where you live. 

Weber Summit gas BBQ

Weber Summit

The cleaning consists of:

  • Degreasing the cookbox, grates and lid with a degreasing agent
  • Cleaning off the deposits and sediment inside the BBQ and off the grates using a heated pressure washer
  • Cleaning off the exterior and applying polish to further protect the barbecue

Weber recommend a service annually or after 30 hours cooking, and this entails:

  • Check and test gas regulator pressure
  • Inspect the gas manifold
  • Check ignition
  • Check burner tubes
  • Check side burner
  • Check sear station
  • Check infrared burner
  • Check for any gas leaks
  • Check to make sure all the elements are performing to their optimum capacity

If, during the service, we find that any parts are worn and need replacing we will contact you to approve the work. There will only be a charge for the parts used not the extra time spent fitting. All spare parts are Weber and we will never use any sub-standard parts from other manufacturers.

Regularly cleaning off carbonised debris will ensure that parts will not need to be replaced so frequently. Unfortunately the clean will not be able to miraculously render your BBQ as new but it will be as clean as it is possible to achieve.        

To book your Weber clean and service just contact The Barbecue Shop on: [email protected]