Ridgedale Infinity luxury artificial Christmas tree from The National Tree Compa
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How To Assemble And Dress Out A Ridgedale Infinity Artificial Christmas Tree

How to assemble and dress out a Ridgedale Infinity artificial Christmas tree

*We are sorry but this tree is no longer available*

The Ridgedale Infinity artificial Christmas tree is at the very top of our luxury Artificial Christmas tree range owing to the fact that it is full PE (polyethylene) and that there are thousands of lights. A typical 210cm (7’) artificial tree will have approximately 700 lights whereas the Infinity has 3,700. The lights are small LEDs which are low voltage and cold to the touch, so perfectly safe if you have children, and being LEDs they are incredibly cheap to run. They have an average lifespan of 50,000 hours, so assuming you run it for 8 hours a day for 30 days over Christmas they should last about 208 years.

Ridgedale Infinity artificial Christmas tree from National Tree Company

The tree is assembled just as you would an ordinary artificial tree; take the stand out and place it in an X shape but don’t put the screw in place. Take the bottom section of tree, this is usually the largest and the pole tapers to a point. Place the section into the stand and tighten the screw. Dress out the branches by starting on the bottom layer at the back of the branch. Pull the branches up to an angle of approximately 45 degrees, alternating branches upwards and outwards. Complete all the branches in this manner then insert the middle section and dress out as you did for the bottom section.

Ridgedale Infinity artificial Christmas tree from National Tree Company

Ridgedale Infinity starring Archie

Both these sections have a separate plug so now is the time to turn on the lights. There is only one connection actually within the tree branches and this is between the middle and top sections. Locate the light fitting in the middle section before you place the top onto the tree. Dress out the top piece before you place it into the middle section. Connect the two light fittings and now all your tree should be lit. If the top portion does not light make sure that the connections are really tight together as a gap of only a fraction of a millimetre will result in the lights not working.