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Our Hayes employees, have a vast wealth of knowledge, we have several staff with over 50 years experience in each of their fields. Plants, planting and landscaping have been our life for almost 200 years. With over 100 staff across the garden centre, our depth of knowledge is vast. We have one of the largest garden furniture and barbecue departments in the UK with experienced staff available to answer your queries and give advice.

Houseplants for anywhere

Houseplants all have different requirements and not many can survive anywhere in the home, for instance cacti love hot, sunny south facing windowsills but these conditions will kill a delicate Maidenhair Fern or even the obliging English Ivy. Not many houseplants will thrive in total shade most need some indirect light. Phalaenopsis (Moth Orchid) is a houseplant which will suit a lot of different environments provided the temperature is evenly warm and it is not in direct sunlight. Water by dunking the pot in tepid water for 20 seconds when the roots have turned silver, when they are green it doesn’t need watering. Spider plants are fairly easy to keep in a variety of locations apart from the direct sun, it will burn its leaves. Aspidistras are not known as the Cast Iron plant for nothing, they are easy to grow and will tolerate a range of conditions except direct sunlight, just keep evenly damp. Rubber plants require very little maintenance, just keep the compost evenly damp and keep out of direct sunlight. It also doesn’t like being in a draught otherwise it will drop its leaves.  Pilea peperomioides is an easy houseplant to keep, just keep out of direct sunlight and keep evenly damp.