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Gardening Tips Competition

Gardening Tips For The Year


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Many might assume gardening is a summer activity but for the keenest of gardeners, getting a good summer garden means keeping things going through the winter. Here are some top gardening tips for the year ahead.


Snow fall can damage some of your plants so keep an eye on them and remove any snow damaged branches from shrubs and small trees, cutting cleanly back to a healthy branch or the trunk, they will grow back. Wrapping up partly broken branches is highly unlikely to work and mend the branch. For a pond, there is no need to clear ice, oxygen is still available for plants and animals but keep the pump running to prevent freezing.

snow damaging plants


Start looking forward to Spring this month by shopping early for spring flowering shrubs and flowers. You can also take root cuttings from perennials as well as pot up containers for bedding displays which can flower in spring.


The preparation for summer really starts this month as you can strip perennials of dead leaves or old stalks that would stop growth for the summer. Keep an eye out for the beginnings of any weeds, fork out seedlings before they get a chance to establish themselves.


Watch out for any late frost this month, protect any vulnerable plants or new shoots if frost is forecast. Keep up the spring cleaning, keeping an eye for weeds but you can now start adding general purpose fertiliser as the soil starts to warm up.


Dandelions can be a real problem this month, if you can’t deal with them terminally be sure to cut the heads off to prevent seeds spreading. Continue to remove moss and weeds and gardening tips for watering the garden, instead of watering often but a little each time, try watering thoroughly once or twice a week.

dandelions in the garden


The garden will begin to flourish this month but so will weeds so keep on top of the situation. Deadheading is another important task this month, remove any flowers or seeds which have had their best days. Watering is also crucial through the summer so continue to water all over the garden at least twice a week.

watering the garden


Watering becomes key through the summer, the whole garden gets watered twice a week but containers and hanging baskets need a daily drink. Some gardening tips for helping newly planted trees and shrubs, keep a clear circle of earth around them to ensure they get proper moisture to them. Keep your pond topped up with fresh water too.

Aquilegia common name Granny’s Bonnet


Remember to make the most of your garden through the summer. Sit back and enjoy your year long efforts. Stay on top of weeding and watering the garden, if it is excessively warm try some gardening tips for saving water by re-using bath water or washing up water.


Autumn offers ideal planting conditions with its warm, moist soil so now is a good time to plant container grown shrubs, trees and bulbs. You can also start composting this month by buying a compost bin or setting up an area for a heap.


Next year’s soil preparations can begin this month, start digging in compost, manure and as much organic matter as you can to replace the goodness in it. Clean out the greenhouse and continue weeding the garden too. Winter is also approaching so make sure your garden furniture is maintained, i.e. Clean off all the generated dirt and grime from the furniture and remove and clean all your cushions.


Rake up any fallen leaves as this can starve plants and lawns of light and air. Gardening tips for re-using these leaves, in time they will turn into rich leaf mould which is a great soil conditioner, simply place them in a black bag pierced with holes and then be patient.


Protect pots and taps from frosts and freezing temperatures by wrapping them in protection such as bubble wrap. One more from our range of gardening tips, add gardening tools, equipment and gloves to your Christmas list, you can never have too many.