Fairy World at Hayes Garden World
Angela Slater
Daughter of a farmer and market gardener so have always had a connection with the outdoors, whether it was keeping animals or producing fruit, vegetables and cut flowers. Along with my work at Hayes Garden World I also have a smallholding, mainly breeding rare breed pigs. I gained an HND and BSc in Conservation and Environmental Land Management, as a result I am an ardent environmentalist and have a keen interest in environmentally friendly gardening. In my time at Hayes I worked for several years in the Outdoor Plant and Houseplant areas

Find The Hayes Fairies

Fairies have come to live in the Magical Wood; see if you can spot them

Come to Fairy World at Hayes Garden World and see if you can catch a glimpse of the fairies who have moved into the garden centre. Scamp came by accident one day; his curiosity very nearly put him in danger. He was on a mission for Queen Kate and he saw an open lorry; so being a nosy fairy he went inside and became trapped when the doors closed. He crouched, frightened, in a back corner behind the boxes until the lorry stopped and the doors opened.

Fairy World at Hayes Garden World

Tracey, our warehouse manager, was unloading the lorry and caught a glimpse of Scamp hiding at the back. She turned her back so that he could escape without being seen; if he had been seen by a human he would have lost some of his magic. He managed to fly out of the lorry without being seen and made his way back to Fairy Valley where he enjoyed telling everyone about his great adventure.

Fairy World at Hayes Garden World

A few days later Queen Kate told Scamp that his friends Flutter, Drizzle, Moe, Neville and Blossom, had all moved to their very own woodland home and that Scamp was going to join them. The owners of the new wood had especially asked for Scamp as Tracey had told them about how brave he was. When he got to his new home he found that Hayes Garden World had made him and his friends a magical wood with lots of new homes to choose from and plenty of little people to watch as they ran around in his wood and had their picnic on his lawn.

Fairy World at Hayes Garden World

There is even a vegetable patch so they can grow their own favourite food; as everyone knows fairies eat lots of vegetables so that they are fit enough to fly. There’s nothing worse than a fat fairy who can’t get off the ground, so every fairy makes sure that they eat lots of tasty fruit and vegetables. The only problem with the vegetable garden is the big fat bunny which steals their food when they’re not looking.

Vegetable garden in Fairy World at Hayes Garden World

A lot of other animals have also moved into the wood for the fairies to play with, enormous butterflies, otters, frogs, squirrels, foxes, rabbits, deer, owls, ladybirds, robins, mice, enormous snails, lambs, piglets and a badger. There is also a border collie sheepdog just to keep them all in order. See if you can spot the magical unicorn who didn’t want to be left behind and snook in amongst all the other animals.

Fairy World at Hayes Garden World

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