Farrow & Ball paint tin
Julie Parker
My interest in gardening & wildlife stemmed from childhood days spent working in the garden with my parents & reading books on anything from robins to giraffes. As time has moved on these influences have stayed with me inspiring the creation my own garden & leading to interests in fish keeping & the natural world around me. I still love to read & hope that the knowledge I gain will make topical reading through these articles.

Farrow & Ball

Hayes Garden World is now a stockist of Farrow & Ball’s inspirational range of paints & wallpaper samples. We stock the full range of wallpaper samples for you to choose from, with a minimum order of three rolls & a selection of paint colours in a range of finishes, if we don't stock the colour you need we will order it in for you. Special order paints for specific surfaces are available to order too. Browse at your leisure or speak to our trained staff for information & advice.

Farrow & Ball has been making paint in Dorset, one batch at a time, since 1946 and remains one of only a few companies making a full range of traditional and modern paint finishes of the highest quality. With the revival of interest in restoration and historic colours twenty years ago, its reputation began to spread. The range has been enhanced over the years and now offers customers an unrivalled range of elegant decorative and architectural paint finishes, along with an extraordinary collection of artisanal wallpapers made using real Farrow & Ball paints.

The depth and beauty of their paint colours are unmatched by other paints. They use more high quality pigments and resins and no low quality ‘fillers’, which gives their colours visibly greater depth and purity often referred to as the ‘Farrow & Ball look’. Unlike many other manufacturers they use naturally occurring pigments, such as Umbers in their purest form, and continue to use natural ingredients such as Chalk, Lime Putty, Linseed Oil and China Clay. All their paints are now water based, low in odour, eco friendly and comply with the latest EU environmental legislation regarding the VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) content of paints.

Farrow & Ball paints grace the walls of some of the most beautiful homes across the world. The colours and finishes are historically rooted, meticulously researched, and reflect their unique heritage. The same distinctive approach applies to their wallpaper: they are unique in using their own paints and traditional printing methods to create wallpapers of exceptional texture and beauty.

Farrow & Ball painted wallpapers are quite unique as they are produced using their own environmentally friendly water based paints and traditional manufacturing methods. Each wallpaper design has a unique texture which is achieved by using a hand brushing technique to apply the ‘ground’ colour. This, coupled with the application of the pattern or stripe using another layer of paint, creates wallpaper of great distinction and beauty.

The 2011 Farrow & Ball colour card has been further enhanced with a seamless mix of exciting new colours. In keeping with time honoured tradition, each colour proudly boasts an intriguing name and source of inspiration. The exquisite new colours complement the existing palette as interesting accents, enhancing current colour families and creating inspiration for new ones. Before making your final colour choice, we recommend that you test selected paint colours in the room to be decorated. All 132 colours are available in 100ml sample pots of Estate Emulsion.