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Angela Slater
Daughter of a farmer and market gardener so have always had a connection with the outdoors, whether it was keeping animals or producing fruit, vegetables and cut flowers. Along with my work at Hayes Garden World I also have a smallholding, mainly breeding rare breed pigs. I gained an HND and BSc in Conservation and Environmental Land Management, as a result I am an ardent environmentalist and have a keen interest in environmentally friendly gardening. In my time at Hayes I worked for several years in the Outdoor Plant and Houseplant areas

Christmas Decorating Trends 2022

The store is once again filled with the glitz and glamour of the festive season

The festive season is nearly upon us, and the stunning Christmas spectacular is taking shape in store. The staff are working extremely hard to bring you all the new seasons colours and trends and we’re sure you’ll find inspiration amongst the displays. Not everyone has the space for a Christmas tree but don’t feel as though you’re missing out on decorating your living space. Decorate the walls, the windowsill, bookcase, sideboard, around door frames, around the stair bannister or outside the front door. Out is the grey of previous years and in is the luxurious and opulent and the fun children’s themed displays and, of course, the classic Christmas colours will always be in fashion.

A table or mantle display can look just as glamorous as you can see in store from the table setting in the Christmas Decadence theme. This colour way is cream, champagne gold, pearl and oyster with a hint of warm, rich copper. It's pure opulence and luxury and a classic colour way which can be adapted over the years to give you an ever-changing display. Once you have the basics you can take out one colour and substitute another to give you a different feel. Take out the cream and oyster, add burgundy to the copper and classy gold for a truly opulent luxurious look or take out the copper and just stick to the pale colours with added muted sage green for a light timeless take. This is one theme which needs lots of decorations to give it the truly lush lavish feel. Keep the cost down by using masses of ribbon, either in streamers down the tree or large bows.

Christmas Decadence at Hayes Garden World
Christmas Decadence

If you want rich opulent luxury then head for the Luxury Tidings theme, it features deep gold, royal blue, turquoise and accents of chic modern tartan. This theme would make a stand-out table decoration for the Christmas dinner. For a budget friendly easy decoration just run a plain green garland down the centre of the table and add baubles and ribbon in the accent colours. In future years if you want a change take out the turquoise and add rich copper.

Luxury Tidings at Hayes Garden World
Luxury Tidings

The traditional Christmas colours are represented by the Merry & Bright theme and the cool muted Frosty Morning. Merry & Bright colours are the classic bright gold, forest green and post box red so if you love a cosy comforting conventional Christmas this is the one for you. If you have a lot of handmade decorations which have great sentimental value, then they would fit perfectly into this theme. The cool Scandi look is represented by the Frosty Morning theme of ice blue, white, frost and silver with a hint of sage green. This colour palette is perfect if you have one of the snowy or frosted artificial Christmas trees, click here to read the blog giving you hints and tips on how to achieve this look. Opt for a tree already decorated with cones and you can cut down on the number of decorations you need. This theme would pair beautifully with some of the ornaments in the Enchanted Woodland theme.  

Enchanted Woodland at Hayes Garden World
Enchanted Woodland

The wooden items in this theme fits the Scandi vibe perfectly and the woodland palette also suits the frosted or snowy trees. Handmade decorations fit in with this colourway, if you want to keep the children occupied on a wet day try making some of your own decorations from salt dough (click here to go to the blog telling you how to make salt dough decorations) or dry citrus slices and thread them onto raffia. Going for a walk in the countryside or around the garden can yield some fantastic natural Christmas decorations, and more importantly, free. Think dried flower or seed heads, sprigs of greenery and berries, twisted twigs sprayed in metallic Christmas colours or cones sprayed frosty. The Enchanted Woodland theme gives you ideal items for a mantle display, just combine with dumpy cream church candles and piles of cones.

Frosty Morning at Hayes Garden World
Frosty Morning

Santa’s Workshop is all about the children and the child within us all, think hot air balloons, nutcrackers, handmade items and the traditional red, white and dark green baubles. This theme is the one for those of us who have a lot of decorations which have great sentimental value and which we want integrating into a modern tree. Keep down the cost by adding in any of your children’s traditional toys, large pieces are great for plugging any gaps in the tree branches. A traditional green artificial Christmas tree such as the Weeping Spruce which strongly resembles a real forest tree would be the perfect backdrop, we defy any of your family and friends to tell the difference once it is fully lit and decorated.

Santa's Workshop at Hayes Garden World
Santa's Workshop

The second of our fun children orientated themes is Gingerbread Lane with its traditional gingerbread men, sweets, soft icing colours of pink and white with touches of lime and red. Again we have the toys but it is heavy on candy canes, lollipops and oversize sweets. This is another theme which can readily incorporate your own hand made decorations which have great emotional value. If you’re looking for secondary trees for the children’s bedrooms this would be perfect and cost effective if you only use a small 3ft tree. Choose a tree which comes pre-lit with LEDs as they are cool to the touch, essential for children, low voltage and cost only pence to run over the festive period. Tinsel features in this theme and is perfect for filling a tree for little cost, push into the centre of the tree where it will reflect the lights and make it look as though there are more then there are in reality.   

Gingerbread Lane at Hayes Garden World
Gingerbread Lane

Large LED lighted pieces such as reindeer feature prominently this year as they look stunning both in the house and outdoors. Don’t forget to place decorations either side of the outside front door, in the windows, along the gutters and in shrubs to complete the whole festive decorative effect by lighting the outdoors. Hang lighted stars in the windows, arrange a windowsill diorama or if you don’t have the confidence to make an arrangement just arrange large church candles in groups of three surrounded by some greenery.

Gingerbread Lane at Hayes Garden World
Large lighted reindeer in Gingerbread Lane

Elevate your front door by placing a standard tree, such as bay, holly or Cupressus in a container and decorating simply with a set of battery-operated lights on a timer and some bows. Finish the look with a door wreath, either make your own, click here to watch Yvonne show you how to do this, or come into store and buy one ready decorated.

There doesn’t seem to be a lighting trend this year, anything goes, multi-coloured for the Santa’s Workshop theme, warm white for the other themes except the Frosty Morning which can take cool white. Novelty lights are fantastic for adding a bit of the festive spirit to pictures, children’s bedrooms and to a winter wonderland diorama.

If you’re looking for a new artificial Christmas tree then consider one of the frosty or snowy trees, they have been the stand-out best seller for the past few years and this looks set to continue into this year. They look amazing decorated in a Scandi palette and if you lack the confidence to create a stunning showstopper the snowy trees which come pre-decorated with cones can look fantastic just with the addition of baubles of differing sizes in two toning colours. Think ice blue with frosty white, copper and cream, forest green and burgundy, oyster and sage green or amber and chocolate.

Trees are not just for the living room, why not get a small pre-lit tree for the children’s bedrooms and let them make their own decorations. If you have a narrow hallway or landing consider one of our pre-lit pencil trees which are ultra-thin and can look stunning with minimal decoration. If you live in a limited space for a full-size tree our slim trees still give you the great look once decorated but just have a smaller footprint. The traditional formal cone shaped artificial tree is out and in are the trees which have a random outline more resembling a real forest tree. To complete the look of a real tree the majority of our artificial trees have a percentage of polyethylene (PE) branches which feel like the real deal and are modelled in casts taken from real trees. These branches are always around the outside of the tree with the PVC element in the centre where it can’t be seen once you have laden it with all your favourite decorations. All our artificial trees come with a 15 year warranty so you can buy with the confidence of knowing that you have bought one of the best trees on the market. The majority of our pre-lit artificial trees have LEDs which are low voltage, are cool to the touch, essential if you have small children in the house, and most importantly this year cost only pence to run over the Christmas period. Hayes will supply replacement bulbs free of charge for our trees over its lifetime. Just fill out the form on the Contact Us page and we will be in touch as soon as possible.      

Fresh potted Christmas trees will be available in the Outdoor Plant department from the end of October with the cut trees expected around the middle of November.