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Christmas 2020 Brainteaser

Can you guess the musician based on their Christmas tree decoration in this festive brainteaser?

We believe that your Christmas tree decoration should reflect your personality. And for world-famous musicians, it’s only right that their tree shines as bright as they do.

This year we have created a series of Christmas brainteasers, inspired by chart-topping artists from 2020, to help our customers to channel that star quality into their Christmas decor - as well as providing some festive fun for the family!

Can you name all eight artists based on their Christmas tree in under 5 minutes?

Each yuletide scene is sprinkled with hints and tips about the owner of the tree - whether that’s with specially selected baubles or tailor-made tinsel.

Keep an eye out for Easter Eggs reflecting titles of their songs, elements of their signature fashion choices, or even clues towards members of their families.

We hope that the puzzles can spread some Christmas cheer during these difficult times. This year, why not try something different and think outside of the box about how you can decorate your artificial Christmas tree to make it more personal to you?
Answers at the bottom of the page.

Christmas brainteaser graphic Billie Eilish
No 2
Christmas brainteaser graphic Ariana Grande
No 3
Christmas brainteaser graphic Kanye West
No 4
Christmas brainteaser graphic Harry Styles
No 5
Christmas brainteaser graphic Bruce Springsteen
No 6
Christmas brainteaser graphic Elton John
No 7
Christmas brainteaser graphic Little Mix
No 8

Check out our series of guides to get some inspiration, where you can find everything from how to decorate Christmas tree on a budget, to how many lights you should have on your Christmas tree.   

  • Main image: Beyonce
  • Image No 2:Billie Eilish
  • Image No 3: Ariana Grande
  • Image No 4: Kanye West
  • Image No 5: Harry Styles
  • Image No 6: Bruce Springsteen
  • Image No 7: Elton John
  • Image No 8: Little Mix