4 Seasons Catania lounge set
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Can I Leave Out The Cushions On My Synthetic Rattan Garden Furniture When It Rains?

Cushions on quality rattan garden furniture can be left out in showers

4 Seasons Catania lounge set (pictured above)

The cushions on good quality synthetic rattan garden furniture can be left out in a shower and the water droplets just shaken off afterwards; but they are not completely waterproof so must be brought indoors or stowed in a cushion box when heavy rain is forecast.

Before storing them for the winter it is advisable to wash the covers, in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions and make sure they are completely dry otherwise mould and mildew will soon take hold. There are plenty of boxes available to match your garden furniture which will keep your cushions dry and provide good airflow.  

Cushions on budget outdoor furniture sets however are extremely unlikely to even be showerproof so cannot be left outside when the furniture is not in use.



How to: Can I Leave Out The Cushions On My Synthetic Rattan Garden Furniture When It Rains?

This guide will quickly take you through the steps required to keep the cushions off your outdoor garden furniture in the best condition for as long as possible.

How to look after the cushions on outdoor garden furniture

All the cushions provided with our outdoor garden furniture are fully waterproof so it's not essential to take them indoors, doing so however will make sure they are kept you are getting as much life out of them as possible.

If a shower is forecast they can be left on the furniture as they are designed to shed the water as quickly as possible, however they will be too damp to sit on immediately after a shower. If the shower is only brief and you intend to use the furniture immediately afterwards they just take them indoors for the duration of the rain.

If they do receive spills which are liable to stain, for example red wine, it needs rinsing off immediately. Although the cushions on our garden furniture are designed to shed any spills and be stainproof this will diminish over time so if you've had your cushions for a few years it is better to wipe off the offending liquid immediately.

If you are not using the garden furniture in winter we do recommend that the cushions be removed and stored in a dry frost free environment such as the garage or you can buy a dedicated cushion box. Before storage just brush off the cushions to remove any dust or garden residue.