Desser Luna conservatory suite
Angela Slater
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Can I Keep My Natural Rattan And Cane Conservatory Furniture Out In Winter?

Natural rattan and cane is only suitable for indoor use

Desser Luna conservatory suite (pictured above)

Natural rattan and cane conservatory furniture is not suitable for use outside either in summer or winter. It is purely indoor furniture; although it could be used outside on a dry day and stood on a hard surface. Standing the furniture on grass can cause the legs to swell and split owing to the natural moisture levels in the grass. The furniture must be brought indoors at night.

If you want the furniture for a garden room then you will have to consider the humidity levels from the plants as excessive moisture could cause the natural materials to warp and moulds to form.

The furniture needs to be kept dry and frost free in winter in order to prevent the natural fibres from breaking and splitting.


How to: Can I Keep My Natural Rattan And Cane Conservatory Furniture Out In Winter?

This guide will give you hints and tips on how to keep natural cane conservatory furniture in good condition over winter

How to store in an unheated conservatory

If your conservatory is unheated and gets scorching hot in summer and freezing in winter it can lead to your natural cane furniture warping and splitting. Ideally you would have some form of heating in winter even if it is just a small heater giving off enough heat to keep the conservatory just above freezing. If possible remove the cushions and store them somewhere frost free.

How to reduce the humidity

A damp atmosphere will result in the natural cane becoming mouldy and expanding so if possible make sure that the conservatory is kept as dry as possible. If you have a lot of plants take them into the main house and if possible use a de-humidifier.