Barbecue cooking
Julie Parker
My interest in gardening & wildlife stemmed from childhood days spent working in the garden with my parents & reading books on anything from robins to giraffes. As time has moved on these influences have stayed with me inspiring the creation my own garden & leading to interests in fish keeping & the natural world around me. I still love to read & hope that the knowledge I gain will make topical reading through these articles.

BBQ Demonstration

Weber kettle - the iconic American barbecue.  Airstream trailer - a classic American dream machine.  The perfect match.

If you are looking for some great barbecue hints & tips then why not join us to experience the Weber Airstream Roadshow?

The Weber Experience BBQ Roadshow is the first and only dedicated ‘barbecue experience roadshow’ in the UK & Republic of Ireland. They will be educating the nation on how to barbecue the Weber way by holding mouth watering demonstrations out of their specially created Weber Airstream trailer.

Weber is the number one branded barbecue in the UK & they have been barbecuing since 1952 when the classic Weber kettle barbecue was born. They also discovered the indirect cooking method which means that almost any kind of food can be cooked on a Weber barbecue including roasts and pizza!

Weber Airstream Barbecue Road Show

In order to demonstrate the endless possibilities for outdoor entertaining, Weber have bought their own Airstream and had it converted into a rolling kitchen & showroom. Once seen never forgotten, the Airstream has a streamlined, cigar-shaped design with a highly polished aluminium clad body - the American icon in caravans.

Weber Airstream Barbecue Road Show trailer

Guaranteed to fire up a barbecuing frenzy, they will demonstrate Weber’s ‘roast’, ‘grill’ and ‘bake’ techniques, and provide tasters and recipe cards so dishes can easily be re-created at home. The striking new colourful cookware accessories will be on show along with a selection of gas and charcoal Weber barbecues.

You can also wander round our Weber shop and see what new products are available this year. If you want to look good on the beach then a kettle bbq is ideal. Not only can your food look good but your barbecue can too!

Weber’s range of stylish yet practical accessories has also grown, including new products such as pizza wheels and pizza paddles.

Weber has also introduced their Original Gourmet System which is set to change charcoal barbecue cooking forever. The gourmet system allows you to barbecue using accessories such as a griddle, sear grate or wok.

If you take your barbecuing seriously then the Weber Grill Centre may be just what you need. It has the same basic specification as the Summit barbecue but with extended storage cupboards and work space.