Bayberry Spruce artificial Christmas tree
Angela Slater
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Bayberry Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

Decorate this Christmas with a Bayberry tree, garland and wreath

We have been selling this Bayberry Spruce tree, from The National Tree Company, for several years now and it always proves a winner with our customers. Whatever size you buy you can be assured of a thick, bushy tree; it is available in heights from 150cm (5’) – 3.65m (12’). There are also various widths available, from the traditional full size to the ultra slim pencil which is absolutely fantastic for lighting up that really tight space that you thought was impossible to decorate. The slim version is ideal for modern homes which are quite restricted for space and is just a little less than the full-sized version, so you still get the stunning effect of a real tree. Some of our competitors also sell a tree with the same name but it is definitely not the same quality, so to make sure you have the best tree check the number of tips, the more tips the thicker and bushier the tree. If retailers are reluctant to reveal the number of tips then you can be sure that it is an inferior quality tree.



It is a lovely mid green with a mix of 40% PE (polyethylene) and 60% traditional PVC hinged branches. The hinged construction makes it much easier to assemble and dress out, no more taking hours to insert every branch individually. The PE branches are cast in moulds taken from actual forest trees and are marketed under the name of ‘Feel Real’. All the PE branches are around the outside of the tree; once you have decorated the tree the PVC in the centre won’t be visible. The PVC is included in order to keep the tree down to a reasonable cost as the PE component is relatively expensive.

It is also available pre-lit with warm white LED lights which should last at least 50,000 hours. Unusually for LEDs, these bulbs are replaceable and we will replace them, free of charge, over the life of the tree, which will be approximately 15 years. If you are having trouble getting your lights to work click here to read our troubleshooting guide; if the solution isn't here just ring our sales team for advice and a solution. All our artificial trees are guaranteed for the life of the tree, which our manufacturers estimate to be about 15 years, provided the tree is handled gently and carefully stowed away. (To view the full terms of the warranty just click here). The superior, robust construction of these trees makes it unlikely that any of the parts should fail, but if they do, all you have to do is ring our sales team here at Hayes Garden World; click here to view the team’s profile if you would like to speak to someone in particular.

The first thing to do to start putting up your tree is to take the stand out of the box and pull it out to form a X, insert the bottom section of the tree, the largest, heaviest portion, and tighten up the screws in the stand. Undo the tie holding the branches together and let them fall down. Make sure all the branches have fallen down, and starting at the back of the branches pull them into place to cover all the gaps, the wing branches at the front need pulling out to an angle of 45 degrees and then dressed out. Insert the centre section and dress out as you did for the bottom. The top section is easier to dress out before you insert it into place, the leading branch is sometimes folded back down against the stem so make sure you pull this out, otherwise the tree will fall short of the correct height.



The tree will be delivered to you in a sturdy box, which you can use to store the tree for future years. The bottom of the metal poles will have a hard plastic cap over them to prevent the poles from piercing the box in transit and injuring anyone handling them; if this arrives broken then it has done its job. It has no relevance whatsoever to the construction of the tree and can be discarded. Some of the larger trees will arrive in more than one box as they would be too heavy and cumbersome to handle if packed into one carton.

We also have a 270cm (9’) unlit and pre-lit garland to match the tree; which look absolutely stunning decorated and wound around a bannister, laid down the centre of the dining table or draped over the mantelpiece or above a doorway. The matching 60cm (2’) wreaths are available either unlit or pre-lit with LEDs and complete the look, which ties together the decorating of the whole house for a truly festive atmosphere. Watch the video showing you how to do a stunning table centrepiece.



If you have any more questions about this beautiful tree then don’t hesitate to call our sales team on 015394 82333 or click the box on the website to request a callback and one of our sales team will phone you within a few minutes, during normal office hours. If you request a callback out of office hours you will be rung as soon as the team comes into work the following morning at 9:00 (10:00 on Sundays).