artificial Christmas trees at Hayes Garden World
Angela Slater
Daughter of a farmer and market gardener so have always had a connection with the outdoors, whether it was keeping animals or producing fruit, vegetables and cut flowers. Along with my work at Hayes Garden World I also have a smallholding, mainly breeding rare breed pigs. I gained an HND and BSc in Conservation and Environmental Land Management, as a result I am an ardent environmentalist and have a keen interest in environmentally friendly gardening. In my time at Hayes I worked for several years in the Outdoor Plant and Houseplant areas

Artificial Christmas trees on the shopfloor 2023

There's nothing like seeing in real life before making your choice

This blog will show all the trees we have currently on display on the shop floor, we will endeavour to keep it up to date but as the season draws to a close and we start to sell out of a lot of lines it may not be possible to keep on top of the stock as they do sell quickly. This year looks like it’s going to be another year where the stand-out customer favourites are the snowy and frosted trees. They are a little bit different to the traditional green tree and can look spectacular decked out in a variety of colourways. If you love the cool Scandi look then one of these trees is a no-brainer.

All our trees are sourced from the very best suppliers and come with a 5 year warranty which covers any defects in construction or materials. Most of the pre-lit trees have replaceable LED bulbs which we will replace free of charge should one fail to light. The LEDs are low voltage and cold to the touch, essential if you have little ones in the home. They are also incredibly cheap to run, costing around £1 for the whole of the Christmas period.

Arcadia Pine

Arcadia Pine artificial Christmas tree

This traditional green tree has an uneven outline and closely resembles a real forest tree. Your guests won’t be able to tell the difference between the two once it’s fully loaded with ornaments. It is a mixture of PE around the outside and the more classic PVC in the centre which, once decorated, will be unseen. This tree would suit the classic red and gold scheme and also this year’s rich opulent Ballroom theme.

Balmoral Spruce

Balmoral Spruce artificial Christmas tree

This sumptuous bushy snowy artificial tree looks exactly like a real forest tree after a dusting of snow. It comes pre-decorated with large cones which gives you a head start when choosing a colour scheme. It perfectly complements a natural palette of dried flower heads, berries, small animal ornaments and finally filled with plain glass baubles in shades of sage, burgundy and amber.

Alpine Fir Snowy

Alpine Fir Snowy

If space is restricted and you don’t have room for a full sized tree then this Alpine Fir is perfect as it stands on a tall trunk and is ultra slim, but bang on trend. It is ideal for a tight corner behind the sofa or positioned either side of a doorway. Being encrusted with snow it suits a lot of different colour palettes. If you want to steer away from the traditional try soft blush pink, cream, antique gold and caramel.

Barrington Spruce

Barrington Spruce

The Barrington Spruce is one of our best quality trees which have Feel Real branches and an abundance of tips, making it a lovely thick tree. The branches are strong enough to hold your ornaments without the tips bowing down. If classic Christmas colours are you then this tree is ideal.

Berkley Spruce

Berkely Spruce artificial Christmas tree

This thick bushy tree has a light frosting and plenty of branches to hold your decorations. It is a mix of PE and PVC with the PVC being on the inside where it can’t be seen once you have decked it out in all your ornaments. They are available pre-lit with warm white LEDs which are low voltage and cool to the touch, essential when you have small children in the house. They are incredibly cheap to run, only a couple of pounds over the whole of the festive season. This tree particularly suits the soft pastels of the Luxury theme and the sweet colours of the Candy Store.

Crystal Bristle Pine

Crystal Bristle Pine artificial Christmas tree

Several different thickness of branch make up this unusual artificial Christmas tree. It also gives you a head start on decorating as it features cones, making it the ideal backdrop for a traditional colour theme. Think red, gold, tartan and forest green. The branches and cones are sprinkled with a light dusting of sparkle, providing the perfect foil for crystal ornaments.

Evergreen Spruce

Evergreen Spruce artificial Christmas tree

This classic spruce tree comes in three widths; medium, slim and pencil, making it the ideal choice for those of us with restricted space. The pencil trees also look fantastic either side of an internal doorway, unfortunately they are not suitable for outdoors unless they are inside a well-covered porch where they will remain completely dry. This traditional green tree would look fabulous decorated in our red, white and silver colour palette, when you pop into store check out this beautifully tree.

Frasier Grande

Frasier Grande artificial Christmas tree

If you want a tree with a random outline closely resembling a real forest tree then this is the one for you. It’s branches are a mixture of Feel Real PE and PVC, with the PVC being on the inside where they won’t be seen once fully laden with your decorations. There trees are available both pre-lit and unlit as well as a slim version which is perfect for those of us who have restricted space.

Gold Glittery Tree

gold glittery artificial Christmas tree

This all gold tree is certainly a stand out from the crowd tree. We have decorated it in our Ballroom theme of dark and royal blue, lilac and mauve. Choose a palette of shiny, matt and decorated baubles to give it depth along with sparkly ribbon, either made into large bows or just spiralled around the tree.

Lakewood Spruce

Lakewood Spruce artificial Christmas tree

If the traditional artificial Christmas tree is the one for you then this gorgeous thick classic tree is the one for you. It has the cheaper PVC on the inside of the tree where once decorated it won’t be seen. The outer branches are the Feel Real PE which are modelled on real forest trees and are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. These trees are also available pre-lit with economical LEDs which are invaluable for saving you time at a busy time of the year.

Lawrence Fir

Lawrence Fir artificial Christmas tree

This Feel Real artificial Christmas tree is one for those of us who love the traditional classic tree. The Feel Real PE branches are all around the outside of the tree, we defy anyone looking at this tree to be able to tell these branches from the real thing. They are moulded on true forest trees and also have the waxy feel of real spruce branches. The tree has a high tip count giving it a thick bushy appearance. The warm white LEDs are cheap to run, only a couple of pounds over the whole of the Christmas and New Year.

Pinehurst Spruce

Pinehurst Spruce artificial Christmas tree

This traditional artificial Christmas tree has a mix of PE and PVC branches giving it a feel of a real forest tree. It is bushy enough to hold even your heaviest ornaments. Being a classic tree it suits all the traditional colours of red and gold, blue and silver and a woodland theme of cream, cocoa, amber and antique gold.

Snowy Balmoral Spruce

Snowy Balmoral Spruce artificial Christmas tree

If you are a fan of the cool calm Scandi colour scheme then this tree would provide the perfect backdrop with it’s heavy dusting of snow and integral cones, giving you a head start on the decorating. It is also available pre-lit which gives you more time for the more important Christmas tasks and also is less stressful than untangling a rats nest of Christmas light strings.

Snowy Imperial Pine Classic

Snowy Imperial Pine Classic

This stunning full-bodied tree is packed with thick snow laden branches which are strong enough to take even your heaviest Christmas ornaments. If you want to recreate winter then this tree is perfect. Read the blog giving you some ideas on how to decorate your snowy tree.

Snowy Norway Spruce

Snowy Norway Spruce

This snowy tree is sure to be a winner this season as the snow effect is perfect for this years subdued palettes. The Ballroom colour way of soft roses, pistachio, pearl, soft gold and cocoa is the epitome of elegance and will sure to bring a touch of class to your festive proceedings. The classic Scandi palette would also look gorgeous on this stunning tree.

Snowy Oslo Spruce

Snowy Oslo Potted Spruce

Unusually for a snowy tree this potted Oslo Spruce is suitable for outdoors and being pre-lit would look stunning placed one either side of the front door. It comes in a decorative neutral coloured pot so all you have to do when you receive your tree is to dress out the branches, place besides the door, plug in and turn on then you can sit back and relax.

Snowy Pine

Snowy Pine artificial Christmas tree

This artificial tree is unusual in that it is true to the nature of a pine tree with spaces between the branches and groups of needles. The snow adds to the authentic look of a tree straight from a Scandinavian forest. We recognise that it won’t be to everyone’s taste but if you love a pared back Scandi palette then this tree is perfect. It just needs a simple decorative scheme with unfussy ornaments, such as cool birch wood or just plain baubles.  

Snowy Sheffield Spruce

Snowy Sheffield Spruce artificial Christmas tree

If you love the classic Scandi palette or the traditional Winter Wonderland theme then this tree must be a contender. It comes with a dusting of snow on it’s branches giving it the look of a true forest tree straight from Scandinavia. Why not add some caramel and cream to the Scandi colour scheme of birch wood, sage and white or some cobalt blue to the Winter Wonderland. The pre-lit warm white LEDs give you more time to perfect your décor, rather than spending time winding on strings of lights.

Snowy Yukon Pine

Snowy Yukon Pine

This stunning snowy tree perfectly suits a natural colour scheme as it already comes part decorated with huge natural cones. The outside branches are the lifelike PE (polyethylene) which are moulded on real forest trees resulting in a tree which looks exactly like a real tree. The inside branches are the traditional PVC but once the tree is fully laden with decorations they won’t be noticed. Try decorating this tree in a traditional Scandi colour scheme of natural light coloured wood, Arctic blue, pale copper, white and frost.

Twig trees

artificial Christmas twig trees

We have a varied selection of twig trees in store if you are a fan of the minimalist approach. All these trees need is plugging in and dressing out. If you do want to decorate them they particularly suit a simple approach, using just one type of decoration, such as icicles or plain glass baubles.

Uppingham Pine

Uppingham Pine dual-lit artificial Christmas tree

This artificial Christmas tree has a mix of different sized branches giving it a thick bushy appearance but the star of the show are the dual-lit LED lights. Ideal for those of us who can’t make up our minds as you can choose between multi-colour and warm white. The LEDs cost only a couple of pounds to run over the whole of the festive period and they are cool to touch, perfect if you have small children in the house.

Washington Valley Spruce

Washington Valley Spruce artificial Christmas tree

If you love the look of a traditional Christmas tree then this Washington Valley Spruce would be perfect to complete the classic Christmas of a traditionally decorated tree with all the treasured family Christmas heirlooms. Think log fires, candles, a beautifully decorated dinner table with the traditional holly and ivy and a big mug of warming spiced glühwein.

Weeping Spruce

Weeping Spruce artificial Christmas tree

This gorgeous artificial tree has been a stand out customer favourite for years. This is due to the fact that it is virtually impossible to tell from a real forest tree. The random shape of the outline and the PE branches around the outside of the tree give it the look of the real thing. It is available both pre-lit and unlit, allowing you to personalise it with your own lights. The warm white LED lights lend this tree to both a traditional colour scheme and the, new for 2023, Festive Ballroom palette of soft pastels, crystal and gold.

Wintry Pine

Wintry Pine artificial Christmas tree

This stunning tree features cones, berries and snow tipped branches. The pre-lit tree has low energy LEDs which are cool to the touch and cost only a couple of pounds to run over the whole of the festive period. This tree lends itself to a natural and home-made palette as some of the decorating is already done for you.