Environmentally Friendly Products

Environmentally Friendly Products

We also have a range of pest & weed control products which are environmentally friendly.
Useful Indoors & Out

Useful Indoors & Out

Keep an insecticide spray handy for sudden bug attacks on your flowering plants.
Protect Your Plants From Weeds & Pests

Protect Your Plants From Weeds & Pests

Rid your garden of pesky weeds and pests with our range of control products.

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Weed Killer

Despite all your hard work and efforts, nasty pests and weeds can make your garden look dishevelled and neglected. Everything from bugs to mice can hamper your gardening efforts so Hayes Garden World has over 150 weed killers and pest control products to help you get rid!

Both garden pests (slugs and ants) and household vermin (mice and greenfly) are taken care of with our quality products so you are sure to find a fast-acting, reliable solution to your pest problem. Plus, we have multiple sprays to fight plant diseases and rid your beds of weeds.

All weed killers and pest control products have been created by the leading brands in the gardening industry including Scotts, Bayer, Fito, Gardman, Growing Success, Vitax and many more.  

Browse our extensive range of weed killers below or let us call you back if you need help deciding between them.

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Vitax Stay Off Spray
Vitax Stay Off Spray. The repellent that protects gardens from fouling and damage by animals. 750ml...
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Vitax Wasp Nest Destroyer Foam
Vitax Wasp Nest Destroyer Foam. Will destroy a wasp nest from a distance of over 3 metres.
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Vitax Yellow Sulphur
Vitax Yellow Sulphur. For the protection of bulbs, corms and tubers against storage rots and powdery...
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